Sunday, May 27, 2007

Re: Gunshot Injury

Many are made to believe doctors don't have emotions. It's understandable if you too think so. The training is such that even when you feel something, rather than let it go by crying out loud , one tends to supress it as the teaching is, " if doctors cries, what then dose the patient do?'.

This evening i really for the first time in this practice felt like crying for a patient. Not that this is the first patient being considered foran amputation of the leg. Well i have already let the cat outta the bag. Here is how it goes. In the last two posts on this topic i gave a chronological presentation of what our fellow Nigerian is suffering from lack of proper medical facilities and organization.

Just like we predicted, the patient is now a case of Planned amputation.
The orthopeadics have come and the procedure explained to him. But as you will expect, the young man has refused amputation. The danger here is that, the longer it takes him to come to terms with the fact that he has to let go one of his legs (right leg for that matter), the better for him. The leg as i speak has already become gangrenous and if infected, it could spread upwards and what could have been a below knee amputation, could become above knee.

Meanwhile we are all very happy in the unit, that despite not being able to procure heparin, we didn't have problem Deep Venous Thrombosis. He seems to be doing well with clexane. Meanwhile, I hope and pray he makes up his mind on time. what the hell is happening to our health care in this country. This blog is fast becoming some sort of SOS stuff. Keep your fingers crossed. I'll keep you updated.

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