Sunday, June 24, 2007

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer has become a serious health problem in Africa. In Nigeria, it is the commonest female cancer. In UCTH where I work, most cases of Cancer I have been involved in the management, has been cases of breast Cancer.

Prevention of Breast Cancer

One wonders sometimes if Breast Cancer can be prevented. I can't really say but i'm sure authorities in this area would say yes.
But how? In my own understanding, the way one can prevent breast cancer is to attempt to prevent it's risk factors
Risk Factors of breast Cancer include:

Early Menarche'- Menarche is the first menstral period seen by a woman. That means that those who see thier menses early in life, are more prone to breast cancer that others.


That is women who are yet to give birth to a child are more prone to Breast cancer that others. However one wonders how correct this is as majority of women with breast cancer, atleast in University of Calabar Teaching Hospital are women who have given birth severally.

Use Of Oral Contraceptives-

Those who make use of this pregnancy prevention method are said to be more likely to develop breast cancer that others who don't.

Late Menopause- This is also said to influence the likelyhood of breast cancer development.

A Family History of the disease-

This one is seems very true. There is a greater chance of someone whose first degree relative had breast cancer developing the disease that if it was in a second degree relative.

For more information on this topic visit Breast Cancer Information for several aspects of this disease.

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