Sunday, May 13, 2007

Free Health Clinic Online

Today I start a new blog. I have done a couple of things online but not really in my area of specialty which is medicine. Haven't spent 8 years studying medicine i was so expectant when I finally graduated. However i am so bored stiff by the nature of my work. Not just by the fact that i keep doing the same thing everyday and not expected to change routine but also by the fact that I am not expected to use my iniative. The hierachy in a teaching hospital is such that one has to take approval for everything he dose. In essence i might probably have to take permission to prescibe paracetamol.

Against this back drop i decided to seek solace doing things i expected to bring some flavour into my day-to-day existence. But now after setting up a couple of 'successful' websites and working as admin, I now want to run a blog where readers who have questions on their health can ask them freely and openly and also get very sincere answers.

My experience shows me that Africans unlike Americans ans Europeans no little or nothing anout their health. In today's world, good health can only be guaranteed through adequate information.

I therefore intend to allow anonymous posts so that if you have a question to ask you can do so and no one will ever know that's you talking. I know what part confidentlity plays in gaining the trust of patients.

While i will not be giving any form of treatment on this blog, health issues shall be exhaustively discussed and you shall always have to make your decision at the end.

I know that together we can improve the awareness of Nigerian's and Africans as a whole on issues bordering on their health. So i shall start posting on this blog as soon as possible as I have listed out a couple of topics i would be talking about. In the meantime if you have topics you think i should give priority and discuss first, please do not fail to indicate. However i can start talking your questions immediately.

Your comments, questions and suggestions are welcome.


Calabar Gal said...

Welcome to Blogville Emmanuel. BEst wishes with the free health clinic online. Chers.

Emmanuel E Ekanem said...

Thanks a million Calabar girl.Really glad you stoped by to comment on my blog.That means so much to me.I sure be more regular on Blogville

Babawilly said...

Hi. Nice to see a Naija medic on Blogsville.
I also write a medical blog- Bush Doctor in the City

All the best & let's keep in touch

suchitra said...

i am suchitra.i have one question to ask u
my brother-in -law met with a car accident and he is admitted in the hospital from past 6 months.
his part of pancrease is removed and they have to put some pipes to his stomach to drain of the imputities (puss).doctor say its infection and the patient is getting fever continuously.
so i want to know what is the chance of his survival.

Emmanuel E Ekanem said...

It is less common to have the pancrease affected during accidents.Usually it is the Spleen that is involved. I guess what he had was a sharp injury. Again ffor the level of infection you are refering to, it is likely he wasn't taken to the hospital timely enough, or care was not taken after the surgery during and after surgey to avoid infection. If they can contain the infection, now, i think he should make it. But if he becomes septiceamic, his condition may get worse and could die from septiceamic shock.

Emmanuel E Ekanem said...

Meanwhile sorry for the delayed response.
Be strong because that what you need now. He should make it.

suchitra said...

this is suchitra again as i have mentioned my brother-in -law case,
Now its been 8 months in the hospital
and still he is caused with infection.He is not given food and water from past 4 months as his intestion is ruptured .How long long it will take to heel.Day by day his condition his worsening.Is there any chance to overcome all this

African Blog Reviews said...

I think your in-law should be well by now. If the intestine is that bad, i guess they should have done a resection and anatomoses for him
And he shouldn't be that ill any longer. Which hospital is your brother-in-law, might be time to request a referal. Let me know what hospital he his and what their specialty is. If possible, a detailed treatment he has received so far.
Dr. Emmanuel