Sunday, August 17, 2008

Nigerian Doctors Miserable Paypackage: What's Your Take?

As a doctor, i know that our problem is from no where else but from doctors. Yes there are doctors who earn as much as N200,000 but that is like saying you know of a banker who earns N500,000 without actually attempting to know his position and how many years he's been in the practice.

This is the reality. We doctors all know that those of us in Nigeria are the worst paid in the world and whether anyone likes it or not, it is going to remain like that for decades to come because Nigerians are too ignorant to understand the importance of their own health. And i believe doctors have resolved to take whatever shit comes their way as long as they remain in this country.

I graduated in 2006 and during my housemanship, i was earning well above N110,000 at atime.Then suddenly i am now doing my youth service and i am suddenly being paid Less than N20,000. I am not complaining because prior to my deployment, i knew this was national service.But the truth is that my classmate who has finished NYSC is having the most dificult time on earth.

If the society wasn't being deceived to believe doctors are earning millions his life could have been a lot easier but, He is now the one everyone in the fanily runs to for all sorts of financial assistance. Afterall is he not a doctor?My friend now earns N40,000 and he has to keep two jobs with the second job paying N30,000 and he works total 13 hrs everyday in private clinics.

For me i don't think this is why i spent 7 years plus strike, 1 year housemanship and 1 year NYSC. To be sincere even if i were the pope, i think i have a right to complain. Our educational system is where it is today because some people think Teachers should work for free and go to heaven for their reward after death.So doctors are on service for humanity, but should they starve?The only reason why i have decided to remain in Nigeria is simple. I don't currently and don't plan to depend on medical practice for my survival. God has helped me and while I was still a student a acquired this web developemnt skill. Only one job got me well over N500,000. This is a pay none of my colleges have ever earned. They will only be in the range of earning N300,000 salary in about 7 years from now when and if they become consultants.
I even hear govt at a time was planning to make resident doctors pay for their training than be paid by govt as there were still under training. Very wise!

Unfortunately the teaching hospitals and general hospitals do not have space for all of us. So some doctors have to work in private hospitals and more unfortunately this is a sector of our economy where govt pays higher than the private is becoming shameful to tell someone you are a doctor. This to me is bad because, i know many of my classmates who have vowed never to allow their children study medicine. Soon this country will be left bare without doctors. It still wouldn't be a problem to the govt because, they can always fly abroad. So those who can not will be the endangered species. That is how responsible the Nigerian govt is.

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